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Also the tsar arrived and at management of satrapies, aspiring to divide the power
Between as it is possible a great number of satraps, giparhov and strategists, same of
Former satraps on whom to it have informed something, in its opinion, podozri
telnoe, it has caused to Alexandria to execute one and to expel on
The remote islands of others. Both armies sent by Alexander had success-nearh
In a year has won and has returned both satrapies charged to it to the tsar,
The campaign of Leonnata and Selevka has lasted four years, thus they have repeated
The way done shortly before those by Alexander. However it was necessary to them
It is much easier, for everywhere they were supported of the cities based
Alexander, which population consisting in the majority of Greeks and
makedonjan, welcomed soldiers of Leonnata and Selevka as deliverers from
Furies of barbarians, the last, having lost courage at one news that
Alexander is live, have grown quiet and have calmed down.
XCVI. With the armies sent on the east last soldiers have left those who
Began once a campaign to Asia under the tsar. From now on an army
Alexander has changed, and it does not remain more people, which
Voluntary went into battle, induced to those higher thoughts about revenge
To barbarians and glory of Greece, rather than self-interest. The army of the tsar was made now
Almost only from one mercenaries selling the service to the one who is more
Will pay, and, hence, looking at war only as for a way of a profit.
Such army, of course, battles better an army habitual to us consisting from
Usual citizens of any city for it is made of husbands, which,
Having made war by the basic employment, undoubtedly best fighters, than people,
Engaged in any another matter. However fighting spirit of such army and its courage
The soldiers battling for own well-being and united only
Aspiration to plunder an enemy city or camp, it is incomparable below valour
Those who goes into battle shoulder to shoulder with compatriots,
Animated by noble thoughts on the fatherland blessing. Such is my opinion on that,
What way of formation of army is more preferable.

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